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I stumbled on terms and conditions making use of fact that I became a huge
from inside the wonderful season of 2004.

I became a greasy-faced teenage just who cleaned my face


with hands-on facial cleanser every evening and feverishly heard Ani Difranco while operating the school shuttle in the morning. I was the consummate gay teenager in the early 2000s, I loved
Tegan and Sara
, masturbated to girls just who looked like Justin Beiber, together with extreme part bangs. Oh, what a period of time getting alive!

Let’s not pretend about a very important factor: getting a gay teen in the early 2000s ended up being numerous things. Chic was not one among them.

The first 2000s were not probably the most sophisticated time for everyone — and united states queer bitches happened to be no exemption for the rule. It was not probably the most, uh, «cultured» minute of all time. There clearly was no cool seventies Warhol factory to splatter paint and get medicines at, we didn’t have a badass lesbian supermodel like
for the 80s, and in addition we lacked the angst-ridden, shaved-head, militant side the
90s dyke
held thus wonderfully. We weren’t particularly artful or underground or


— but we had been fun. We were salacious as f*ck. We saw truth television for hours at a time and lusted after Nicole Richie. We lived for the glam and glitz in the early 2000s — maybe not for art or songs or theatre or film.

This is exactly why you
millennial gays
are very damn stunted. We was raised rocking diamonte studded belts and performing along to Katy Perry. We had no right plan to be a proper homosexual sex call at the world, honey. Be gentle on united states.


Here are 9 surefire indications you too, had been a gay teenager in the early 2000s.

1. You or someone you dated (or gently broken on) had a Beiber haircut!

The 90s had been exactly about the fight shoes together with shaved mind. The early 2000s were exactly about lesbians whom bore a freaky similarity to Justin Beiber. You’ren’t gay any time you don’t either ponder obtaining Justin Beiber haircut, outdated somebody with a Beiber haircut or broken difficult on a Beiber dyke you found via MySpace! (Where your web page song was more than likely «So envious» by Tegan and Sara).

2. Dani Campbell ended up being your own idol.

If any lez encompasses the essence of early 2000s it’s
Dani f*cking Campbell
, child (a former
GO Magazine
cover girl)! Before Tila Tequila converted into a
mentally-disturbed neo-nazi,
she was actually the celebrity on the first
matchmaking show «a go at Love.» While you had been a teenager in early 2000s you obsessively saw «a trial at appreciation» and lusted


after Dani Campbell, the sweet firefighter dyke-next-door who stole the lesbian hearts of a whole generation.

The coolest most important factor of Dani Campbell? She recognized as «futch» (a hybrid of femme and butch) which turned into my favorite term that I appreciated to lezplain to of my personal directly pals.

3. You were undoubtedly a dynamic member of the original GSA at your school.

The Gay-Straight Alliance had been the hippest crap in senior school. While you’re an energetic person in the GSA inside senior high school in the early 2000s, you probably were a founding member. Might go down ever, girl.

The GSA had been a sacred location where all of the music theater homosexual guys and closeted softball member ladies could get together and imagine to get revolutionary «allies» on the homos, the actual fact that they certainly were all massive homos on their own.

4. Slutty vests outed one to your very own type.

Photo by @mediocrelesbianmemes

I’m not sure whether or not it ended up being
The L Keyword
which made the naughty lesbian vest so gorgeously legendary — but regardless, we had been vest-obsessed. Privately, we rocked a sheer tee-shirt underneath mine concerning perhaps not get knocked out-of course, however it nonetheless did an excellent task of outing us to additional closeted lesbian teens within my school. Easily noticed a female in a vest within the hall on impulse, I would personally nod my personal head at her and she’d nod dutifully right back.

I didn’t understand, learn this is the slight «lesbian nod» we bestow upon our very own kind if we see ‘em shed in the open, in a way, I


. It had been innate during my lesbian DNA. Like a love of bamboo and
the Indigo Girls.

5. Ani Difranco was your own higher-power.

Ani Difranco’s
misinterpreted femme lez anthem «the tiny vinyl Castle» was released in 1998, but this was pre-Spotify girl. And you gay kids found cool music


after it arrived on the scene — it isn’t like we were of sufficient age to go to belowground groups in area.

All my fellow teen dykes appreciated the track «the tiny Plastic Castle» and now we screamed along to it we drove through the suburbs smoking cigarettes, speeding and terrorizing the great neighbor hood with your gay angst.

«Someone call the girl authorities and register a written report!»

6. You sobbed to Tori Amos on Sunday evenings.

Though Tori ended up being no lez, all young lezzies wept to Tori constantly! It was the collective sunday evening program. We identified together because she had been a red-head and red-heads had been unique like all of us. And like, this lady tortured attractive ballads like, spoke to the fight.

7. The L keyword flipped your globe ugly.

Pic by Showtime

L Keyword
came out in 2004 as I was in the level of my personal gay-teen awkwardness. My personal globe was actually rocked. No, it had been flipped. Upside down. Instantly I’d no clue which way was actually remaining and which method had been correct.

What I’m Saying Is; I’d not witnessed a small grouping of appealing lesbians residing their best everyday lives —


— prior to therefore royally f*cked me right up! In a great way!

8. You certainly moved «walking with ghosts» all the damn time!

Photo by istock

«I became strolling With A Ghost» by
Tegan and Sara
was the very first ever pop music tune by lesbians (twins believe it or not!) that we have you ever heard bursting through the radio. It helped me feel, thus viewed.

Talking About seen….

9. You used to be a total effing scenester.

All world kid girls in the early 2000s appeared sort of gay from inside the plastic-rimmed dyke sunglasses and severe area bangs and small bob haircuts — which suited you


We’re able to show our blatant gayness and still slip according to the radar. Plus all of that emo music truly spoke to our naturally melodramatic dyke souls.

9. You had been merely your actual self on Myspace.

In school, I’d a boyfriend. A skater boi just who rocked black nail polish and sang in a death steel musical organization. On Myspace, I experienced a girlfriend. She lived in Orange County, Ca and commented on every picture I published. We cherished her. Never ever found the lady. But I

enjoyed the lady.

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